New Whitepaper: Fleek Network, a Decentralized Edge Platform.

To wrap up the month of July, as promised, we are excited to release the new whitepaper and Github repository for Fleek Network’s decentralized edge platform.

The new paper details the approach and purpose behind building Fleek Network as a decentralized edge platform that can power not just a web3 CDN, but a wider array of web and edge services that anyone can build and utilize.

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Similarly to the modern web, web3 is moving towards modularity. Fleek Network’s edge architecture provides a decentralized performance layer that any app, service, middleware, or protocol can leverage to optimize their speed/latency instead of needing to build that layer themselves  or compromising web3 values by using Web2 performance layers like AWS or Cloudflare.

From traditional web services like decentralized hosting CDN, edge functions, etc. to web3-native ideas like decentralized pinning, ephemeral rollups, proof generation, and sequencing… we’re excited to explore what can be built on this edge layer. Stay tuned for our initial testnet release next month, where we’ll set the foundations for the network, prove out the performance, and allow developers to begin experimenting.

We hope you enjoy the paper.

Fleek Network team ⚡