Fleek Network Edge: Performant

Fleek Network is going against the grain of the traditional CDN model in a handful of ways.

We touched on one of those ways in our first article in this series – Censorship Resistance.

Fleek Network, the decentralized CDN, also differs from traditional CDNs in another pivotal way: the network only grows with demand.

As more users spin up nodes to run on their machines around the world, the network becomes increasingly fault-tolerant and scalable. A sophisticated caching and performant delivery layer, powered by familiar underlying web3 tech, allows users to directly interact with the network with no intermediary.

Designed to be scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant, Fleek Network is the performant CDN of the future.

For more information on Fleek Network, and an in-depth look at how Fleek Network is constructed, check out our whitepaper on Fleek.Network.

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