Fleek Network Bi-Weekly Update: April 4th, 2023

Welcome to another edition of our bi-weekly report, here to keep you informed about the latest developments and progress with Fleek Network! In this update, we'll be sharing insights milestones like:

  • Repository Overhaul
  • Bandwidth Reporting
  • Ursa Fair Delivery Protocol

There's plenty more to cover, so let's dive in and explore what the team has been working on since the last bi-weekly update:

Completed Milestones: Fork Dependency Removal, Bandwidth Reporting, Economics Paper

As we roll into the start of April, some spring cleaning was in order! Notably, maintenance and code upgrades were key to the long-term sustainability of the network, among other milestones:

  • Maintenance on the entire repository, including overall maintenance and upgrades to the code, removing fork dependencies
  • Initial bandwidth reporting between nodes, enabling trustless measurement of a node's bandwidth based on the Eigentrust model
  • Completion and review of the Economics paper

Check out the open-source Fleek Network repo for more information on all completed (and in progress) milestones!

In Development: Dynamic Epoch, UFDP, Proxy

Dynamic Epoch

A major undertaking the team is taking on is the development of the dynamic epoch. With an epoch lasting ~24 hours in consensus, the team is working on a way of advancing epochs forward. To do this for each epoch, the progression is determined by a randomly selected committee of validators.

This approach is being taken to maintain high confidence in the primitives of Narwhal/Bullshark. In the Devnet phase, the network will be comprised of edge nodes, with validators coming in the following release phases. As there are no validators in the Devnet phase, there won’t be a committee to advance the epoch. Instead, there will be mechanisms in place where users can stake and become validators, with more details on this to be released in the future.

UFDP - Ursa Fair Delivery Protocol

They are also creating a new data transfer based on Blake3/bao, naming it the Ursa Fair Delivery Protocol (UFDP). UFDP will serve as the Proof-of-Delivery (PoD) mechanism for Fleek Network. This algorithm allows the delivery of content to clients and verifies that the client has received it, then rewarding nodes for serving the content. UFDP will be used for verifiable streams, as well as content-addressable services.


Finally, replacement of the current nginx implementation with a rust implementation is in progress. While the rust implementation is partially in place, the team needs to achieve feature parity with the previous nginx implementation before they can fully deprecate it.

That’s all for this update!

The team has made progress over the last few weeks on some key milestones, with some major implementations and features nearing completion. Stay tuned for the release of the economics paper, and other research pieces the team has been working on over the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to get started with Fleek Network– with the new native OS installer, anyone can spin up a Fleek Network edge node!

See you in ~2 weeks for another update ⚡