Fleek Network Bi-Weekly Update: March 3rd, 2023

Time for another Fleek Network Bi-Weekly Update, giving the community the inside scoop on the development progress of Fleek Network.

In this week’s update, the focus was put on the status of:

  • Consensus Layer
  • Gateway Node Reconstruction
  • Proof-of-Delivery & Cache
  • Reputation System

And more, plus a quick look at articles, events, and guides you may have missed from this week! Let's unpack each of these items and catch up on everything that’s in development, and completed, since the last Bi-Weekly Update:

Milestone Checklist: Consensus Layer, Gateway Node Reconstruction, Prometheus

One of the major milestones for this stretch was the completion of the Narwhal/Bullshark integration, which is now in Ursa. This signifies the first phase of Fleek Network’s consensus layer, and involved merging the REVM application layer crate to get the nodes to come to consensus; communicating over Application Blockchain Interface (ABCI). Next will be to implement built-in actors such as staking, governance, and token contracts that live on-chain, but the focus is being put on creating a stable environment before doing so.

While there isn’t a benchmark for performance just yet, the team is very optimistic about its speed in terms of latency and throughput. Expect to see a long-form post to share more about how the consensus layer works in the coming weeks!

Gateway Node architecture reconstruction was also completed to support faster GET requests. While there are still a few PRs open and in progress, the new Cherry Picker design is more performant. If you want to check out the PR, head to our GitHub, which is also open to community contributions.

Prometheus was set up for a global network view, which shows the number of nodes running in each country they are located in. The plan is to expand this feature as time passes, giving users a more granular overview of the Network. In its current state, it provides a glance at the Network’s distribution at its early stages. You can see the distribution and explore the top countries yourself here!

Finally, the Dev Ex team put much effort into releasing an assisted node install script, allowing anyone to quickly and easily spin up their Fleek Network node with minimal prior coding experience. Users can run the script in 12+ languages (and growing) with a simple command! You can check out the assisted installer script here and a detailed guide on running it on your machine.

If you find any inaccuracies in the translations or have a language you want to see added, reach out to the team on our Discord server.

In Progress: Proof-of-Delivery & Cache, Reputation System, Documentation

Proof-of-Delivery and Cache

First and foremost, the team is expanding on the Proof-of-Delivery and Cache implementations that has been been developing recently. The team has been benchmarking the performance of these implementations with exciting results!

Reputation System

The reputation system is still a work in progress. This system will be used to rank node performance based on on-chain metrics. The team will be able to route more requests through nodes with higher reputation. The reputation is based on reliability, throughput, latency, and uptime, leading to a better quality of service for the entire Fleek Network.


Improvements were also made to the White Paper, based on changes made to the project since its initial release at the start of December. The team has done a lot of research since the original announcement and has made changes to the structure & architecture of the Network to reflect our findings. Work continues on the Economics paper, which the team is ensuring is iron-clad before releasing for the public.

ICYMI: How Fleek Network Helps Decentralize IPFS

In case you missed it, the Fleek Network team published an article that outlined the multiple ways that Fleek Network, as a decentralized edge & content delivery network, will help to decentralize IPFS, especially as it relates to IPFS pinning and IPFS gateways, was published by the team this week. Check it out here!

That’s all for this update! The team had a really productive week at ETHDenver #BUILDWeek, and they will be participating all week during the main event. Come find and chat with us! In the next bi-weekly check-in, expect a full overview of the teams work on:

  • Decentralized Edge
  • Decentralized Gateways
  • Proof-of-Delivery

For live updates and access to the team, be sure to check out our GitHub, join our Discord server, and subscribe to updates on Fleek.Network!